Windows 10 “19H1” Requires at Least 7GB of Storage Space to Install Updates

Windows 10 “19H1” Requires At Least 7GB of Storage Space to Install Updates – Microsoft made changes to Windows 10 to ensure a smooth and robust update experience, and the upcoming 19H1 update will reserve at least 7GB of space for important file files.

Windows 10 “19H1” Requires At Least 7GB of Storage Space to Install Updates

The Redmond software giant, Microsoft, said the space will be used for updates, applications, temporary files, and cache data associated with Windows, and by using the 7GB backup storage, the remaining free space on the device will not be affected. But on the other hand, blocking 7GB of storage can be a problem on devices with low storage, because some lower-class notebooks and tablets that use Windows 10 only provide 32GB of storage capacity, for example Zyrex Sky 232.

But take it easy Microsoft says that reserved storage will only be activated on devices that come with Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1) pre-installed and for users who do clean install this operating system. The process will only occur in the background, without input and without the required configuration from the user.

Tested in Preview Version

Windows 10 19H1

When Reserved Storage is full, Windows 10 starts using the available free space, but Microsoft explains that Reserved Area will increase over time depending on how the user uses the device.

Storage sense will automatically remove unneeded temporary files, but if for some reason your reserve area fills up Windows will continue to operate as expected while temporarily consuming some disk space outside of the reserve if it is temporarily full” said Microsoft.

Windows Update will be the main service to take advantage of this new feature, because it is known that updating the system sometimes fails due to insufficient space on the hard drive.

When it’s time for updates, the temporary unneeded OS files in the reserved storage will be deleted and updated will use the full reserve area,” explained Microsoft.

By the way, guys, this feature has been integrated into the Windows 10 19H1 preview build, and users can search it in Settings> System> Storage.

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Windows 10 “19H1” Requires At Least 7GB of Storage Space to Install Updates

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