Apple Will Release iPad Mini 5 dan iPad 10 Inch in 2019, Really?

Apple Will Release iPad Mini 5 dan iPad 10 Inch in 2019, Really? – iPad Mini is a small iPad product from Apple that has not been updated for several years. Yes, the last time the iPad Mini was released was in 2015 where Apple released the iPad Mini 4. That means that for almost 4 years Apple hasn’t provided a new update for the iPad Mini. Has Apple left the iPad Mini and focused on developing the iPad and iPad Pro only?

Apple Will Release iPad Mini 5 dan iPad 10 Inch in 2019, Really?

Although it hasn’t been able to update hardware for a long time, it’s not necessarily stopped the iPad Mini. Just like the Mac Mini, which last got a hardware update in 2014, in fact Apple released a new Mac Mini in 2018 ago.

Reporting from BGR, Apple is predicted to release the 5th generation iPad Mini. Not only that, Apple is also reportedly going to release an inexpensive version of the iPad with a new size, which is 10 in 2019.

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There is no further information about the iPad Mini like what design will be carried. Will it carry the design like the latest iPad Pro without the Home button or still carry the old design.

But what’s interesting is the iPad 2019 with the 10 inch screen. The 2019 iPad is likely to carry the same size as the 2018 iPad which has a 9.7 inch screen, but uses a new design like the iPad Pro without the Home button, so that it can increase the landscape of the screen slightly larger, to 10 inches.

The previous 2018 iPad was designed to be an iPad at a very cheap price, and supports Apple Pencil. Apple sells it for less than $ 400, and is sold in Indonesia for Rp. 7 million. The 2019 iPad will most likely not be far from that price.

Apple Will Release iPad Mini 5 dan iPad 10 Inch in 2019, Really?

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