7 Reasons Parents Teaches their Children Two Languages or More

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7 Reasons Parents Teaches their Children Two Languages or More – Most parents only teach one language to their children until a time when teachers in preschool or play groups do it. Children who only know one language from the beginning become confused and need a long time to adjust when they have to use another language than they usually use at home.

7 Reasons Parents Teaches their Children Two Languages or More

Indeed, lately many early education institutions that use foreign languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Japanese as the language of instruction in school. So is it good for children to be taught another language before that?

The following are reasons that explain why teaching two languages ​​to toddlers are very useful and why you should do it as early as possible.

1. Children will be faster in mastering language

Learning other languages ​​early will be easier than when the child is getting older. Erika Levy, Ph.D., assistant professor of speech and language pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, said that children under the age of 2 or 3 years develop language skills quickly. “They quickly absorb whatever they hear,” he said.

According to Levy, children can learn to understand new words in 2 different languages ​​at speeds that are many times more than adults. So take advantage of this age to immediately introduce and teach them to be bilingual.

2. Children can recite better

François Thibaut, director of The Language Workshop for Children in New York, said that the earlier a child learns another language, the easier it is for them to understand unique sounds. According to Thibaut, the ability to hear phonetic pronunciation that is different from the sharpest native language is before children 3 years old. “We lose the capacity to hear, understand, and produce certain sounds if we don’t know them early on,” he said. This means if taught early, their ability to master other languages ​​will be better.

7 Reasons Parents Teaches their Children Two Languages or More

3. Children will be a more fluent

A study published in the journal Cognitive Psychology states that children who learn foreign languages ​​from an early age will be able to speak better. They are more likely to have fluency that is equivalent to the native of the foreign language.

4. Better Brain Executive Function

Based on research conducted by Ellen Bialystok, OC, FRSC, psychologist, and professor of language development at York University, Canada, bilingual people are better able to transition between two tasks, become multitasking, share focus, and solve problems more easily.

5. Children will be more creative

Levy said that one of the benefits of using two languages ​​is that children will grow into someone who is more creative.

6. Children will more easily master many languages

Bialystok said that bilingual children will find it easier to learn third, fourth, and so on.

7. Children Are Not Quickly senile

Studies from the American Academy of Neurology say that the accumulation of the effects of the two-language experience can be a protection against cognitive decline along with aging and prevent diseases related to brain functions such as Alzheimer’s.

Thus related information about the reasons parents teaches their children two languages or more. It may be useful.

7 Reasons Parents Teaches their Children Two Languages or More

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