Reason Samsung Brought Galaxy S10 Phone in the Form of a Trio

Reason Samsung Brought Galaxy S10 Phone in the Form of a Trio РAfter passing the pre-order period, now (7/3) the trio of Samsung Galaxy S10 smart phones have landed in the country.

Reason Samsung Brought Galaxy S10 Phone in the Form of a Trio

Now, consumers can experience firsthand the latest mobile devices they have bought.

This is the first time in a decade of history that Samsung has released an S series update consisting of three family members. The South Korean vendor officially released Galaxy S10 +, S10 and S10e phones.Samsung Galaxy S10+

Responding to the reasons behind the strategy, Head of IT and Samsung Mobile Indonesia’s Business Mobile Product Marketing, Denny Galant, said that the choice in the design of each segment’s needs was the reason why the S series is now in the form of a trio.

“We see not everyone needs the most complete features in the cellphone they want to buy. They want a cellphone with the latest processor but may not need other features such as two front cameras, “he said at the launch of the Galaxy S10 in Jakarta on Wednesday (6/3).

He also added consumer preferences in design matters or specifically the body dimensions became the next reason.

“There may be consumers who want to use a cellphone whose dimensions are not large and more compact, but still have the latest specifications.”

This trio can be distinguished from the size of the screen it carries, such as the Galaxy S10 has an area of 6.1 inches Quad HD + Curved Dynamic AMOLED, then S10 + with 6.4 inches Qual HD + Curved Dynamic AMOLED.

The Galaxy S10e or Essential has the smallest screen size with 5.8 inches, Full HD plus Flat Dynamic AMOLED. In addition, the screen is also flat, not curved on the right and left side, but at least the S10e still has a “tompel” camera like the S10.

All three also have a similar aspect ratio of 19: 9 with a ratio of screen to body above 90 percent. That is, the frame on the face is very thin.

The interesting thing is that this is the first time Samsung has provided a screen protector that has been installed on the S series phone.

Buying a screen protector may now be a mandatory ritual for those who have a new cellphone. Given the Galaxy S10 has a fingerprint feature on an ultrasonic type screen, it turns out that Samsung is worried that third-party screen protectors will block its function.

“We cannot guarantee the user experience if using a screen protector (third party) made of glass and polyurethane,” said Samsung in an official statement on the website.

The S10 is also a new step in the disappearance of the Iris scanner feature which usually attaches to the front of Samsung’s premium cellphones. Samsung first introduced the iris scanner security features on the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus last year.

Denny Galant gives an explanation of this, namely to maximize the display so that the top looks thinner.

“The iris scanner feature requires space for sensors. With the removal of this feature, the space for the sensor can be maximized for the screen,” he said.

“Because we want to optimize the Infinity O screen (the hole on the screen for the front camera), everything is pulled up. The iris scanner has two sensors at the top, so that the screen is full then we pull it out.”

In addition to three series, especially the Galaxy S10 +, Samsung now provides a choice of three configurations. The Galaxy S10 is available in a choice of 8GB / 128GB Ram and Rom capacity and 6GB / 128GB S10e. While the S10 + has a choice of 8GB / 128GB, 8 / 512GB, and 12GB / 1TB which is priced at Rp. 24 million.

Denny reasoned that the choice of configuration was provided to meet user needs. He argued that with the enhanced ability of the S10 + camera, it will be more memory hungry.

“We provide a variety of variants of this capacity because we see that consumer needs are different. As demonstrated by mas Yandy Laurens (director of the Family Cemara film) when editing videos recorded with 10bit, it can take up a large capacity. we think 1TB will be used too. “

Generally, digital cameras are stuck in 8-bit recording, but this S10 series camera is capable of recording in 10 bits. Simply put, the magnitude of this bit will affect the video results, for example in color gradations. Larger bit numbers indicate that the color gradation in the video will be more smoothly transitioned, not cracked.

Both the S10 and S10 + now have three camera modules on the back thanks to an additional 123 degree ultra wide lens (12MP telephoto + 12MP wide angle + 16MP ultra wide).

While the Galaxy S10 has a single front facing camera (10MP), the S10 + is the most complete by having a pair of front cameras (10MP + 8MP) to increase the perception of depth when shooting bokeh photos.

The Galaxy S10e has a difference in the loss of a telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom on the back, so it only consists of a wide and ultra wide lens. The rest is the same as S10.

Reason Samsung Brought Galaxy S10 Phone in the Form of a Trio

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