PUBG Lite Game for PC, Free and Doesn’t Need High Spec

PUBG Lite Game for PC, Free and Doesn’t Need High Spec – In this technow series, we are discussing news about techno trending today, one of which is PUBG, which is preparing a free PUBG Lite for PCs. PUBG Lite needs lower specs.┬áThis PUBG Lite is lighter than a standard PUBG for PC, needs lower specs with minimum specs of Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, and Intel HD Graphics.

But even more hot, PUBG Lite will be a free game – so it’s like PUBG Mobile that you can also play for free. This is different from the standard PUBG for PCs that sell for 220 thousand. And in PUBG Lite you can play solo, duo, or squad, now PUBG Lite Beta can already be played in Thailand, and if it’s successful, it will also be released to other regions including Indonesia.

It is interesting to look forward to the presence of PUBG Lite to Indonesia. Just say it in the comments column if you have an opinion about this PUBG Lite game.

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