Now, Redmi is not Xiaomi Like Oppo with Realme?

Now, Redmi is not Xiaomi Like Oppo with Realme? – There is a shocking news especially for you Xiaomi fans or Redmi smartphone users. In the past, Redmi is the name of the product series from Xiaomi. For example, there is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, or the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. But now Redmi is no longer Xiaomi, once again Redmi is no longer Xiaomi. What do you mean and what is the reason?

Now, Redmi is not Xiaomi Like Oppo with Realme?

So starting January 10, 2019, one of the popular lines from Xiaomi, Redmi, is broken down into its own sub brand. So Redmi became an independent brand separate from the Xiaomi brand. This was announced directly by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

The first reason is, of course, because the Redmi line is already popular and is able to stand independently as an independent sub brand. But the main reason is to make each brand focus more on their respective segments.

So the Redmi brand will be focused on budget-priced smartphones that are cheap. While Xiaomi or the Mi brand itself, will focus more on the upper class segment or the flagship segment.

Why is this separation important? In my opinion, Xiaomi wants to make the Mi brand a top-class brand, just like Apple, for example, which will focus on producing flagship at high prices. So if you listen to the Xiaomi brand, people immediately think of brand flagship classes.

Now, Redmi is not Xiaomi Like Oppo with Realme?

Currently to get the reputation of a top class brand, Xiaomi is still in trouble because they are still diligent in releasing cheap mobile phones, especially from the redmi line. That’s why Redmi finally split into its own sub brand, so that each has a reputation and identity in accordance with their respective segments.

Redmi will be strengthened by its reputation as a cheap smartphone brand in the budget segment, and Xiaomi will be strengthened by its reputation as a high-end flagship brand. And Pocophone, in the midst of producing flagship killer smartphones, which apparently began to be abandoned by OnePlus which tends to release flagship really at high prices.

And sub brands have become popular among Android smartphone manufacturers lately. Like BBK Electronics which has OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, and Realme sub brands. Then Huawei has a sub brand Honor, and now Xiaomi has a sub brand Poco and Redmi.

So, starting from the Redmi series released this year, Redmi is no longer a series from the Xiaomi brand, but has become an independent independent sub brand in the budget smartphone segment. The first smartphone with the Redmi brand is most likely the Redmi 7 series released on January 10 tomorrow.

Now, Redmi is not Xiaomi Like Oppo with Realme?

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