6 Mistakes at Lunch that Make Weight Gain

6 Mistakes at Lunch that Make Weight Gain – According to research, people who skip breakfast easily gain weight. Apparently, this also applies just like lunch. Skipping lunch can cause the body to become lethargic and tend to have a desire to snack. In addition, skipping lunch will disrupt the digestive system and cause health problems, as quoted by Boldsky.

6 Mistakes at Lunch that Make Weight Gain

It is important to take time for lunch and replenish the energy that the body has released since morning. But there are some things that should also be avoided at lunch so that your body weight doesn’t increase drastically. What are you thinking about?weight cycling

1. Buy food every day

This is the most common mistake that must be avoided. Eating out like in a restaurant is often not fresh and contains addictive substances that have the potential to harm the body in the long run. In addition, buying food outside is not always guaranteed cleanliness. You should limit eating outside only during emergencies. Your food will be healthier if cooked alone.

2. Eat at work desk

Studies have revealed that work tables contain 3 times more germs than toilet seats. This makes it easy for microbes to enter our body through the food we eat. For that, avoid lunch at the dinner table and find an alternative place that can make you take a break from work.

3. Eat while playing cellphones

Nowadays it is very difficult for people to separate from cellphones, even when eating. In fact, there are many bacteria and germs on cellphones. You should avoid holding the cellphone and focus on your food. In addition, studies show people who eat while playing cellphones will eat more than people who do not hold cellphones while eating. Because they don’t focus on the food they eat.

4. Eat late

Delaying lunch will make you lethargic and more susceptible to disease. Also, when lunch approaches late afternoon, there is a chance that you will eat more than usual. Another effect, not eating on time will slow down your metabolism. This causes food not to be digested or stored as fat.

5. Drink soda

Soda contains high sugar content. This adds fat to the body, you know. As a result, weight will rise easily. In addition, soda causes tooth decay and increases your blood sugar levels.

6. Sit too long

Sitting too long is better to do a quick walk after eating because it will help the body digest food better. Walking will also help burn calories. Too long sitting after a meal will convert energy into fat and store it.

6 Mistakes at Lunch that Make Weight Gain

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