10 Reasons Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

The Reasons Childrens Don't Want to Eat

10 Reasons Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat – Every parent would want their children to eat healthy food. You will also always be enthusiastic and not tired of preparing food for him. Of course, with the expectation that he will brush off the food on his plate with a charming smile and thank you for the delicious dishes to you.

10 Reasons Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

But what happens if your child refuses to eat? Even though you have spent a lot of time and energy to cook special food for him.

3 Problems with Eating Children and Solutions

Sarah Remmer, a child and family nutritionist from Canada mentioned 10 reasons why children don’t want to eat. Anything, huh?

Feeling depressed – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

If a child feels pressured or feels that you as a parent are anxious at mealtime, he will withdraw and refuse to eat. “Toddlers and young children are very easy to feel the pressure,” Sarah said. Some of the things that make them depressed are that you focus too much on what food he chooses and how much, oversees his every move, keeps thrusting dishes closer to him, always directing his ladders to scoop up, talking too much, or even trying to feed him while he trying to scoop yourself up.

Not the Choice – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

Parents are indeed responsible parties and have control to regulate what foods children should eat. However, children also have a desire to determine what they want to cook. Often children refuse to eat because the menu is not his choice.

Bored – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

Children can also be bored. When serving a certain menu, you see that your little one is very hungry and can spend his food. Therefore, you give the same menu later in the hope that he will eat again voraciously. However, after several consecutive days of giving it, you are surprised because he refused the food. You might think about whether his preferences have changed? However, actually, he was bored with the menu.

Not Hungry – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

Sometimes the reason children refuse food is very simple, that is, they are not hungry. According to Sarah, toddlers’ tastes are difficult to predict and are not always erratic. “After two years, growth has slowed down and stabilized, which means that it has an effect on their diet,” he said.

Disturbed Focus – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

Children don’t want to eat because the focus is disturbed by TV shows, gadget sounds, or they want to play.

Portions that are too large – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

Just by looking at portions that are too large, your little one can immediately avoid eating. He was afraid to feel overwhelmed by the portion of food that did not match his abilities and needs.

Not Tasty Body – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

When you are not feeling well or experience symptoms of pain, it is only natural for a child to be lazy to eat.

Drinking Too Much Milk – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

Milk contains many calories that make children feel full easily.

Too Much Snack – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

The schedule of snacks that are not tightly regulated will make children feel full before eating heavy food.

Fatigue – Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

One other reason children don’t want to eat is they are tired or sleepy.

How to overcome:

Set a meal schedule: Set 3 heavy meals with 2 snack times. Always consistent with this schedule.

Give space for the child to eat: Let the child explore food on the plate, whether they will spend the first dish, then eat rice and vegetables or vice versa. Don’t be too intervened. It’s best to focus on your own food.

Diverse choices: Provide a variety of meals every day. You can serve more than one type of food in one meal so he can choose.

Avoid distractions: Don’t eat while watching TV or gadgets so as not to disturb the concentration of food.

Recognize signs: Has he been satiated, or he is exhausted and puts aside signs of constantly rubbing his eyes and easily fussing, or not feeling well.

Limit drinking milk: Give him a maximum of 500 ml of milk a day so he is not “full of milk”.

10 Reasons Toddlers Don’t Want to Eat

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